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5 Innovative Tips That’ll Boost Your Bedroom Ideas

5 Innovative Tips That’ll Boost Your Bedroom Ideas

RRI Goods on Oct 6th 2022

5 Creative Tips for a Fresh Bedroom Look

Today, the general consensus is that the modern aesthetic is a cornerstone of contemporary design. You may know it best through its Scandinavian variant or you may just be a lover of modern pieces in general. There are elements of modern design that just work well in any context, especially in the bedroom where they can be used to create a relaxing and elegant atmosphere.

As a designer, it is important to know the difference between modern and contemporary design. Although the two words are often used interchangeably, in reality they each have their own meaning. Contemporary design promises to represent the trends of today, with a focus on what's current. That's why contemporary can sometimes refer to different periods in time--shag rugs in the 1970s or yellow pine style in the 1980s, for example. Both would have been considered contemporary styles at that time.

While modern carries many meanings, when used in the context of design, it refers to any designs of recent years. Although it was mostly popular during a specific time period, it has grown to be a style all its own. Whether you’re looking for ways to completely update your bedroom or just experiment with the style, we’ve come up with bedroom ideas for applying a modern touch.

Mix and Match Different Styles

Modernism harnesses different contrasts and is evolving as we speak. With mass-produced pieces, from the rise of manufacturing in the mid-century era, it's easier than ever to access these. From handmade goods and family heirlooms to other whimsical objects, there was a whole range of different displays you could use to give your bedroom that something extra.

New materials were introduced in furniture, like acrylic and other plastics. Also, chrome and brass finishes appeared in many different places. On the contrary, materials like wood, leather and rattan were valuable and often used. The palettes were usually toned down and the white spaces had bold accents with colors or patterns.

If you're hoping to add a bit of modern flair to your bedroom remodel, you can't be afraid to use furniture in different styles and even colors. Starting with black and white patterns is a safe bet. Make your interiors more impactful by choosing items that contrast with each other - try combining leather with chrome or pairing boxy furniture with more organic pieces. When you  mix and match styles, you can create your ideal living space to really give your home a modern feel. 

Let Form Follow Function

The key to accessorizing a modern bedroom is having it reflect your own personal style. Anything from a decorative throw blanket to a scented candle can be easily adjusted to fit your needs. Think about how you want your space to look, and then use the style to create a serene space that brings together all of the things that are important in your life - including things like decor, furniture, artwork, lighting, and more. Art prints, posters and simple mirrors look great hanging on the wall or leaning on a dresser. A no-frills frame is perfect for keeping things clean and airy. A touch of greenery from houseplants is never out of place.

Add Natural Textures and Tones

While modernism is often equated with minimalism, it can still be a very warm and inviting style. Warm neutrals and natural finishes are cornerstones of the aesthetic and can help combat the coldness of an all-white space. Look for wood furniture pieces that are not finished with a stain but rather clear-coated to let the natural wood grain shine.

Warm wood species like teak and mahogany are popular in mid-century pieces in particular, but white oak and ash are great if you want a more muted palette. Walnut is also well-suited if you prefer your bedroom pieces to have a cooler undertone.

Woven natural fibers are also excellent touches. Think of jute rugs, rattan screens or chairs, bamboo shades and natural linen bedding or drapes. On a different but similar note, shearling, sheepskins and leather are favorites of modern designers for their natural softness.

Blend Modernism With Other Aesthetics

You don’t have to give up the old-school classic look in your bedroom. With a few trendy finds and clever ideas you can still make it feel fresh and stylish. Modern design with a nice mix of traditional or contemporary elements is all in the small details.

One way to bring the outside in is to soften up the space with more neutral, laid-back pieces. From a well-fitted comforter to a stylish upholstered headboard, choose pastel comfort and embracing elegance. Chunkier furniture pieces can be a great contemporary design choice with the right material. Darker colors or stains can really set off this look.

No Need to Overthink It

Accessorizing your modern bedroom should be done in a way that captures your personality. Not only will it make you more comfortable, but it will also make the room feel more like home. Design your living space in a style that is serene and also reflective of the objects closest to your heart. Hang up your framed art prints, posters and mirrors on the wall or lean them against a dresser for maximum effect around the house. A good look for a bedroom is keeping it simple. You can also add some warmth by choosing a few houseplants here and there.